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Sold your home? Offer accepted and confirmed by Estate Agent? What next? How long does it take? How much does it cost? Can the buyer change his mind? What happens if…………. You are not alone. Our clients include the best solicitors in Europe. They have the same concerns and questions of any other client.


It’s simple if you know how. You need a conveyancer. Throughout the process of selling your home you will need to allow access for survey, deal with the buyers enquiries and be ready to repay any mortgage secured against the property.

RULE 2 - If you don’t know ASK

Our role is to help you answer the buyer’s enquiries. We take responsibility for most if not all potential problems. It is the buyers conveyancers job to make all necessary enquiries and searches to try to find any reason why the buyer should not proceed. If they find a problem we will tell you and try to help you find a solution. You will need someone on your side with experience and expertise in solving problems quickly.

RULE 3 - Choose a Conveyancer with experience and expertise.

We will send you a written estimate of costs and written terms of engagement. We ask for £300 on account of expenses.We prepare the contract and other papers to send to the buyers conveyancers. You will need to complete the information forms we send to you. The results of survey, searches, enquiries, and issue of the buyers mortgage offer all take time but the aim is to collect all of these together within a matter of weeks so that we are ready to report to you with the contract for signature in readiness for exchange.

RULE 4 – It takes time

You will need to return to us the signed contract and we will then invite the buyers conveyancer to exchange. You do not need to be present. We fix a day for completion. We deal with completion and authorize release of the keys. Again you do not need to attend just go to the Estate Agents to leave the keys. You should move out of the property by 1pm allowing the buyer to move in.

RULE 5 – We do it all – See Rule 1

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